A Walk To Remember

“Among His proofs is that He created for you spouses from among yourselves, in order to have tranquility and contentment with each other, and He placed in your hearts love and care towards your spouses. In this, there are sufficient proofs for people who think.” (Qur’an 30:21)

Dubai Internet City

Overwhelmed by deadlines, regular routine and responsibilities, I felt suffocated.  I looked up at Masood, and he instantly read my eyes.  “Let’s go out for a walk,” he messaged me on AIM.  I am pleasantly surprised on how much this man, who was a complete stranger to me just two years ago, seem to know me so well.  I am equally amazed at myself for when I look at him, I seem to know what he’s thinking.  Is that possible at all?  I felt his heartbeat while he slept one evening, and it matched mine.  Yes, it is possible.


At 4 pm, Masood sent out an email to our colleagues that we will be out for an hour.  All of our Boston colleagues are off to celebrate Christmas, even our own office is half empty, so nobody missed us while we were out. I decided to take the camera with me.


We didn’t go anywhere far.  In fact, we decided to just walk around our office premises.  I breathed in the coolness of December, filling up my lungs with fresh air.  And when Masood held my hand as we walked, I knew I was with the man who priotized me over his career, his friends and even himself.


“We are told that people stay in love because of chemistry, or because they remain intrigued with each other, because of many kindnesses, because of luck. But part of it has got to be forgiveness and gratefulness.” – Ellen Goodman


“The first duty of love is to listen.” – Paul Tillich

Masood is a much better listener than I would ever be.  When I speak, he gives me undivided attention.  I often feel guilty because there are certain times when he’s talking and I’m thinking about what to cook for dinner or which clothes to wear the next day.  But as we walked today, I listened to him intently, as he talked about our future plans, dreams, and us in general.


“The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.” – Robert Dodds


“Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.” – Barnett R. Brickner


“It’s easy to understand love at first sight, but how do we explain love after two people have been looking at each other for years?” – Author Unknown


“… a good marriage is based on the talent for friendship.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


“Many marriages would be better if the husband and the wife clearly understood that they are on the same side.” – Zig Ziglar


“A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.” – Andre Maurois


“Chains do not hold a marriage together.  It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.” – Simone Signoret


“Marriages are ruined when one person continues to learn, develop and grow, while the other person stands still.” – Catherine Pulsifer


“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”  – Mignon Mclaughlin

More of Dubai Internet City pictures here.

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22 Responses to A Walk To Remember

  1. Umm Travis says:

    Awwww so sweet ma shaa Allah and your photos are fantastic! Ma shaa Allah sis!

    Thank you so much, Sis. 🙂

  2. LonesomeSoul. says:

    The title reminded me of a romantic novel I read 5 years ago… it brought back so much memories.
    Wish you all the best, may Allah bless your soul and flourish your life with countless blessings.

    Ameen to your dua.

    I haven’t read the novel, but I had seen the movie and it was very romantic indeed.

    Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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  4. frozeefa says:

    I wish i had photographic talent like yours..Masha Allah the photos are superb…
    And i feel so loved by the both of you..there is so much love and warmth as i read this post.
    May Allah swt keep as happy as always …Ameen

    Ameen to your dua.

    Thank you so much, Sis. I’m glad you liked the pictures. You’ve taken great pictures yourself 🙂

  5. Niyaz says:

    Wow grt pics wid grt thoughts abt marriage 🙂
    really wonderful sis…guess u both going to have holidays in this week!! hve a grt holiday Bro & Sis …

    Thank you so much, Bro.

    I absolutely love this month. We just had three days off: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (first Muharram). We will go to work for three days, then three days off again (for New Year). And we’re planning to go out with friends for BBQ, InshaAllah. I’m so excited!

  6. Amir says:

    Amazing pics, it would be cool to work where the grounds were so beautiful.

    And mashAllah that your marriage is so strong and full of love. May Allah keep it that way forever and bring you each endless happiness together, Ameen.

    Yes, no need to go far to unwind.

    Ameen to your dua. Thank you so much.

  7. Niyaz says:

    Have a great time , enjoy 🙂

    Thank you

  8. Serene says:

    I thought it’s a review for the movie A Walk To Remember 🙂 This is so sweet! Happy Holiday Nadia!

    Hehe, this title came to mind while I was posting the pictures here 🙂 Thank you.

    By the way, how was your trip to Manila? Where are you spending your holidays?

  9. masood says:

    WOW, I love this post 🙂 such lovely quotes too.
    Alhumdulillah, I am so lucky to have you as my wife, you are so precious to me.

    Thank you so much, Jaan 🙂

    Allah humain nazr-e-bad se bachaaye, Ameen.

  10. Asma Ahsan says:

    Beautiful pics – Allah aap donon ko khush rakhay.

    As a sister, may I say – dont talk about your compatibility with your husband too much in public – nazar lag jaati hai.

    Sadqaa diya karo apni jodi ka 🙂

    Thank you so much and ameen to your dua.

    Yeah, I’ve actually thought about it. Theek hai, ab main apni aur Masood ki compatibility ke baarey main ziyada zikr nahi karoun gi 🙂

    Thanks, sis!

  11. Specs says:


    This post was so full of wisdom and really nice to read all the same.

    I love how you always manage to impart good advice without sounding preachy. 🙂

    Hey, is an anniversary coming up soon or was it just one of those things? 😀

    Anyways, much duas for you two. Stay smiling and in love!

    Thank you so much, Specs!

    Just one of those things 🙂

  12. Serene says:

    Im still here in UK spending my holidays with my family, I might go there maybe early next year. I will tell you when Im in Manila. Have a great day!

    How about you? How’s your holiday? Do you celebrate New Year?

    We just had our Islamic new year, which is based on the lunar calendar, on December 28. We don’t celebrate it, but I took time out to reflect on the past, make resolutions for the coming year, and prayed for peace and solidarity.

    We got a day off from work that day though 🙂

    Masood and I plan to watch the fireworks on December 31. I love fireworks! Then we’ll head back home 🙂

  13. Abid says:

    “Theek hai, ab main apni aur Masood ki compatibility ke baarey main ziyada zikr nahi karoun gi :)”

    Nooo! These are such sweet posts and “nazar lagna” is, from what I understand, a cultural concept and not a religious one (as far as I know). There should be no need to stop making these posts please!

    Nazar lagna has been mentioned in the Qur’an and hadith. I may not totally stop writing posts like these, but perhaps limit what I actually mention in them.

    And of course, I request my readers to say, MashaAllah, often 🙂

  14. Wakas Mir says:

    Such a nice post sis.. and God bless you both 🙂

    Ameen. Thank you so much, Wakas Bhai.

  15. nadia says:

    Nazar lagna or the evil eye is actually mentioned in the Qur’an:

    “And verily, those who disbelieve would almost make you slip with their eyes (through hatred)” [al-Qalam 68:51]

    What we, my brothers and sisters, should do is say MashaAllah whenever we hear, see or read something we admire.

  16. Lovely pictures & lovely post!

    Although it is correct that the evil eye comes from people who feel jealous (hasad), it may also come from a person who is not jealous but merely likes something, because of the hadeeth: “Whoever among you sees something in himself or in his possessions or in his brother that he likes, let him pray for blessing for it, because the evil eye is real.” Narrated by Ibn al-Sunni in ‘Aml al-Yawm wa’l-Laylah, p. 168; and by al-Haakim, 4/216. Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in al-Kalim al-Tayyib, 243.

    It is mustahabb for him to say, “Allaahumma baarik fihim (O Allaah, bless them), etc..”

    Among the saheeh du’aa’s for protection that have been narrated from the Prophet (Salulaaualaihiwassalum) are:

    “A’oodhu bi kalimaat Allaah al-taammaati min sharri maa khalaq (I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allaah from the evil of that which He has created).”
    (Narrated by Muslim, al-Dhikr wa’l-Du’aa, 4881)

    “A’oodhu bi kalimaat Allaah al-taammah min kulli shaytaanin wa haammah wa min kulli ‘aynin laammah (I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allaah, from every devil and every poisonous reptile, and from every bad eye).’”
    (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, Ahaadeeth al-Anbiyaa’, 3120).

    JazackAllah Khair, dearest Sister!

  17. Asma Ahsan says:

    Welcome always. 🙂

  18. myla says:

    very wise words that are readily shared 🙂

    Thanks, Myla. You’ve finally stopped by my blog! Welcome 🙂

  19. Nisa AK says:

    Mashallah, the scenery u enjoyed on ur walk is breath-taking, no wonder it made u quote love 😛
    After reading ur post the first thing which came to my mind was red alert of “evil eye”!! lolz, then I scrolled down to read SerendipitousLife’s comments on evil eye and it reminded and comforted me how Allah neva fails to protect us.

    Hehe, thank you, Nisa 🙂

  20. Awww! MashAllah, mashAllah, mashAllah times a million for you and Masood! InshAllah you’ll enjoy many, many years to come =D
    And the pictures are gorgeous (mashAllah!). But where are all the people? =/

    Ameen. This was actually on December 25, when half the people working at Dubai Internet City are off to celebrate their Christmas. Also, we went out around 4 – 4:30 pm, so a lot of people had left their offices already.

  21. Aqeel says:

    May Allah keep you both even more happier than you are right now.
    Life is so strange. It treats everyone so differently, why, I dont know but that is the reality. World could have been the best place to live if there was happiness and peace all around. I pray for happiness for everyone, especially for you two. God bless you. Aameen.

    Ameen to your dua.

  22. hfm says:

    Aww, you guys are amazingly in sync with one another! Mashallah a thousand times over, may Allah keep you both happy and in love til the end of time.

    I find it so *insert word* that we’re strangers with the guy we’re going to spend the rest of our lives with.I always joke with my mum that when I get married, the first thing I’m going to say is,Ohh it’s YOU I’ve been wondering about all these yrs!

    Dubai looks beautiful, my parents go there pretty regularly but never bring photos back!

    “…it’s YOU I’ve been wondering about all these yrs!” Nice one, Sis 😀

    Tag along your parents next time they visit Dubai, hehe.

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