Cartoon Airplanes and Other Interesting Stuff That Lead You Here

My blog received a huge bulk of its initial hits from my post on the Sharjah Aquarium.  I believe this was the first public aquarium in the U.A.E. and got the locals obsessed with displaying aquatic animals, therefore we now have an aquarium in the Palm Atlantis Hotel and another one at The Dubai Mall, each one bigger than the other. Now, when you Google the word Sharjah Aquarium, you’ll find the link to my blog in the first page of the search results, just below Sharjah Aquarium’s official website.

That I understand.  What I don’t understand is the obsession with cartoon airplanes.  People have been looking up  for cartoon airplanes online every single day!  And this search leads them to my blog.  Let’s analyze the numbers, based on my blog’s statistics:

cartoon airplane                1,717

airplane cartoon               371

cartoon aeroplane           330

cartoon plane                     81

aeroplane cartoon           57

cartoon air plane              21

That’s a total of:                2,577 cartoon airplanes in six months!

So, for all you cartoon airplane enthusiasts out there, this one’s for you:

cartoon airplaneI’ve Googled this image using the words, cartoon airplane.

Other interesting search terms that lead you readers to my blog, in no particular order, are:

how to visit family fairly when you’re married

Just like you used to prior to getting married, except that this time you have your spouse and kids with you.  So call before paying a visit.  Oh, and bring a gift too.

neighbors that borrow and don’t return

You’ll have to go and get your stuff yourself.

which all places in u.a.e. are we allowed

As long as you have a valid visa, you can visit any public place in the UAE.

history of donkey hote

And I’d always thought it was Don Quixote!

household by mother or wife in joint family?

Umm, what do you think, guys?


Ah yes, the Taj Mahal – got lots of pictures of that beautiful monument here.

100 gram, flour

It’s available in your nearby grocery store.

how long to pursue dowry

You’re not even supposed to demand for dowry, let alone pursue.

a cartoon boy driving an airplane

I’ve just posted a picture of that!

Oh, and by the way, my blog’s link comes up first when you search for cartoon airplane in Google images.

But seriously though, THANK YOU for stopping by my blog  🙂

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13 Responses to Cartoon Airplanes and Other Interesting Stuff That Lead You Here

  1. masood says:

    lol @ donkey hote. I guess maximum users who were searching for cartoon planes would be children and cartoon addicts…just my guess 🙂

    My guess would be children; kids these days have full access to internet. It’s sad in a way because they spend most of them time online, instead of reading books or drawing the cartoon airplane themselves.

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  3. hfm says:

    Ohh wow.
    I don’t think you can check that on blogspot.
    I came onto your blog via Mr Exquisite.

    I initially blogged at Blogspot, but moved over here because I can monitor a lot of my blogging activities on here. Statistics presentation and comment tracking is brilliant at WordPress. With regards to design templates, Blogspot is very good.

    You’re in my “Friends” page 🙂

  4. serendipitouslife says:

    This is hilarious! ‘Donkey hote’?
    I liked your responses, though.

    The most interesting or bizaare search terms that led people to my blog were:

    * how to meet a muslim woman for marriage (hmmm, should write something on that)

    * are female allowed in sharjah (no, its a city for men only)

    * relationship with woman like bank deposit (what!?!)

    * muslim woman falling on the street (roll my eyes).

    Those are totally crazy, Sis! 😀

    Where did someone get the idea that Sharjah is an all-women Emirate?

  5. Amir says:

    HAHAHA…this was too funny. You know that now everyone is gonna google cartoon airplane to see if its really true, driving your cartoon airplane stats waay up.

    Donkey Hote is too funny…lol.

    Congrats and here’s to cartoon airplane!

    Yes, my cartoon airplane stats has definitely increased since posting this!

    I’m sure you got your own share of “interesting” search terms.

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  7. Saad Ibrahim says:

    Hilarious! 😆

    Thank you. And what search terms are you getting on your blog?

  8. Niyaz says:

    wow , such a creative post using your blog stats 🙂
    it’s funny that people used to search for this: “neighbors that borrow and don’t return” haha

    Thank you. I think it’s frustration that drove this particular person to google that up! I’m sure she/he has a lot of stuff to collect from neighbors, hehe.

  9. Umm Travis says:


    But for blogger (and wordpress) there are many site meters you can add (even invisibly) mwah ha ha that monitor ever better than wordpress 😉 like and that kind of thing

    I had used for my Blogspot blog, and I agree that it’s a great tool to monitor activities. But I didn’t find myself as comfortable with that as I am here at WordPress.

  10. “Where did someone get the idea that Sharjah is an all-women Emirate? “

    Oh, from the statistics it seems that people have very warped image of Sharjah & UAE in their minds.
    * humor in uae
    * do muslim women exercise in sharjah

    Amazing (& amusing) search terms, really!

    Do Muslim women exercise in Sharjah?! This is totally … I just can’t put it into words anymore 😀

  11. Saad Ibrahim says:

    well its mostly geeky stuff! like tcp ip patch etc etc, never came across any weird ones maybe because i never digged that deeper.

  12. Asma Ahsan says:

    LOL – unbelieveable – thats very cute actually – the picture of the cartoon airoplane – I like that link best though:

    neighbors that borrow and don’t return

    LOL – thats a really funny prompt.

  13. moukound says:

    good one. people are jobless enough to google stuff.. This is what we can infer and people depend more on google than their brains to think!!

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