The Atlantis Adventure

We finally got to see and experience the Lost Continent.

Well, atleast, the modern version of it!  Yes, folks, we managed to visit the Atlantis at the Palm Jumeirah over the weekend!  Allow me to take you to a virtual trip to this magnificent hotel resort.


We have now entered the Palm Jumeirah residential area.  Please note that we are on a man-made island, several kilometers away from mainland Dubai.  The houses and buildings here remind me of the Stepford Wives.  Everything just seems so perfect.

Map of Palm Jumeirah

The base of the trunk is where the island joins mainland Dubai.  The Atlantis Hotel and Resort is located right on top of the map, at the crescent.

palm_jumeirah_3-l Palm

This is the Palm Island, so naturally it is created in the shape of a palm tree, complete with a trunk, branches, and a crescent to complete the picture.  An underwater tunnel connects the main trunk to the top of the crescent, where the Atlantis proudly stands.  Another way to get to the hotel is through the metro train, which is still under construction.


Now, we’re entering the underwater tunnel.  The radio in our vehicle is now unable to receive the local FM stations and our mobile phones have lost their signal.


We have left our car in the parking lot and have taken the free shuttle ride to the hotel.  Then we take a short walk up to the hotel’s main entrance.  The weather here in the U.A.E. is extremely pleasant these days, so feel the cool breeze blow against your skin.


The grand Atlantis Hotel!  Isn’t it just spectacular?  Please note that despite this being an extraordinarily expensive hotel, most of the rooms are occupied.


The main entrance, leading up to the hotel’s lobby.


That weird-looking, tall thing is the main attraction, right in the middle of the lobby.  It doesn’t look as good in the picture though, but it is really pretty.  Upon closer inspection, I think it looks like thousands of snakes, entangled.


(Left) The hallway leading down to the aquarium.  (Right) The main aquarium.




Now before we leave the Atlantis, I shall allow you all to have some time to shop around for souvenirs. You can purchase a plain white t-shirt, with Atlantis written in the front, for only 140 Dirhams!  I know.  But if it came with a cheaper price tag, you wouldn’t feel like you bought it from a five-star hotel shop.

Some of you may wonder why I didn’t bring you inside the water park.  First of all, it’s already dark.  Then, swim wear is required to enjoy splashing in the water.  And since I won’t wear one, my option is to sit and watch half-naked people playing in the water, which I would rather not do because: a) I’m not interested b) I need to pay a hefty entrance fee for doing just that.


We are back in the heart of Dubai.  It’s past midnight, and as you can see, the roads are empty.  I had so much fun showing you guys around the Atlantis.  I hope you all had a great time too.  So, on your left is Dubai’s newest airport, Terminal 3, exclusive for Emirates Airlines.  On your right is Terminal 2.  Now go, hop on your respective flights and head back home!

Oh, but before you leave, take a look at the spectacular fireworks display from yesterday’s grand opening ceremony.

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22 Responses to The Atlantis Adventure

  1. masood says:

    I just felt like having a tour to the palm island all over again. Superbly defined the things, I simply love it:)

    ~ Thanks, Jaan 🙂

  2. Umm Travis says:

    Oh I miss Dubai 😦 I remember those hotel touring days…. subhanAllah

  3. nadia says:

    Sis, when you visit Canada next time, perhaps you can stopover Dubai for a couple of days, InshaAllah 🙂

  4. Mezba says:

    Nice tour! The hotel simply looks dream like.

    Was there an entrance fee or anything to tour the hotel or is it available for anyone to see? Can anyone visit the palm?

  5. nadia says:

    Entrance to the hotel is free. Anyone can enter the main lobby, walk down the magnificent hallways and see the main aquarium without having to pay anything. There are a lot of restaurants and shops within the hotel.

    There is a certain portion within the hotel, which features more of the aquarium, with a fee: Dh75. However, I suggest you pay Dh50 and visit Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Center instead.

    And yes, anyone can visit the Palm 🙂

  6. Nisa AK says:

    Wow, very spectacular! Many years back I wanted to migrate to Dubai but unfortunately or fortunately it didnt happen 😀
    Nadia, I think I want to plan a holiday to Dubai in future, won’t u be so happy to see me? :P:P

  7. Niyaz says:

    Wonderful pics sis , who took it?

    Dubai is emerging as a new tourist place in this world ,,,

  8. nadia says:

    Nisa – I’d be absolutely delighted to have in town! Plan to be here between November and February though, when the temperature is at it’s lowest 🙂

    Niyaz – Thanks! I took all these pictures myself, well except for the map and the two aerial photos of the palm. When I was uploading the pictures, I realized I wasn’t in any of them! I had to call my sister and ask her to email me the photos that she took of me from her camera 🙂

  9. Niyaz says:

    Wow al pictures looks so professional….

    hehe nice sis 🙂

    ~ Thank you 🙂

  10. saadil says:

    You have the potential to become a very good travelogue writer:-)
    Lovely description and the photos were just amazing!
    My interest in coming to Dubai is increasing by the day courtesy of the enchanting presentations of Dubai by a few blog fellows, you included 🙂

    ~ Aadil, thank you so much! 🙂

  11. misspecs says:

    Everything is SO beautiful! Lucky you, Nadia!

    I loved the centrepiece the hotel’s using in the main lobby…and the entrance is grand and beautiful beyond words!

    Thanks for sharing and putting up those lovely pictures!

    ~ Always a pleasure! I’d love you all to enjoy Dubai as much as we do 🙂

  12. Ab says:

    First of all, nice pictures! Thanks for the virtual “tour” 🙂

    [“Nisa – I’d be absolutely delighted to have in town! Plan to be here between November and February though, when the temperature is at it’s lowest 🙂 “]

    I wish I could do the same 😦 I can only visit in the summer (read: July), when temperatures in both the UAE and Pakistan are at their highest!

    ~ Once you’re done with your studies and get a job, you’ll finally be able to visit UAE and Pakistan during the cooler season, InshaAllah.

    And thank you for joining us in our virtual tour 🙂

  13. Haleem says:

    It seems a marvel… and so EVERY branch of the palm is connected to every other branch via those tunnels?

    it all sounds very expensive… but the hotel looks absolutely gorgeous. Dubai next year it is – although probably not staying at this hotel!

    ~ I am so geographically disoriented; I’ve always been bad with directions and places. The Palm “branches” aren’t connected to each other via the tunnels, as I had assumed. Each branch is connected to the main trunk itself. The Atlantis is actually located at the top of the crescent 🙂 I apologize for the wrong information.

  14. Serene says:

    I saw in the news the magnificent opening of the Atlantis Palm Hotel. I could say it is lovely, but the accommodation, OMG! I love the fireworks and the design. I hope someday I will visit this place. But they say that this is a manmade island, is it true?

    ~ Yes, Serene, the Palm Islands, all three of them, are man made. Amazing, isn’t it? Atlantis had been opened to the public sometime in September this year, but yesterday was the grand opening, so to speak. The fireworks literally filled up the sky and the lighting show was spectacular! Like yourself, we saw it in the news too. It was a very exclusive party.

  15. nadia says:

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    I have revised my post, adding a map of the Palm in order to give you an accurate picture of where exactly the Atlantis Hotel is built.

    Also, you can watch yesterday’s fireworks during the grand opening of the hotel.

    Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

  16. mubi says:

    lol, nice tour with no money and guess what? my computer is still warm!!! is that what u call magic??!!!! :p :p :p

  17. Mezba says:

    Did you know that the Palm Atlantis is owned by Solomon (Sol) Kerzner, a South African born of Jewish Russian immigrants to Johannesburg? So the the most prestigious hotel in the Middle East (in Arabia to boot!) is now owned by a Jewish guy!

    Truly tells you money has no borders!

  18. nadia says:

    Mubi – hehe, thanks for coming along; perhaps your computer enjoyed the fireworks 🙂

    Mezba – Kerzner doesn’t have total ownership of the Atlantis. It just so happens that Atlantis is the flagship property of his company. Atlantis Palm is also owned by Istithmar, an entity owned by the Government of Dubai.

  19. Umm Travis says:

    LOL Nadia, I just saw your comment now. Dubai is the opposite way from where I would travel if I were going to Canada.

    Anyway, don’t think I will go to Canada anytime soon but maaaaaaaaaaaaybe I will try to find a way to Dubai in shaa Allah 😉

    Umm Travis,

    That proves again how geographically disoriented I am! 😀 Looking forward to meet you whenever you plan to visit Dubai, InshaAllah.

  20. Amir says:

    That was sooo cool…I so want to have a vacation at one of the Palms resorts. InshAllah one day I will, it is one of my dreams to do so, and one that I will actually work at achieving 🙂


    With your dedication, hard work, and perseverance, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be able to achieve your dreams, InshaAllah 🙂

  21. Wakas Mir says:

    Wow sis.. thats amazing.. thx so much for sharing. for a second felt like i was right there sath sath, chalo ji inshAllah one day 🙂


    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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