Our Homes In The UAE

The lovely Mubi has tagged me in this fun-filled game of real estate.  So this post is all about it.

The Game:

The Mc Cains own 13 cars, eight homes and have access to a corporate jet.  If you were as insanely rich as them, where would your eight homes be and why?

The only rule is:  the homes must be within the borders of the country you live in.

Our Eight Homes In The U.A.E. :

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi:

Abu Dhabi is the federal capital of the U.A.E.  It also happens to be the biggest, and probably the wealthiest emirate in the country.  And if we were to build all of our eight homes in the same country, why not start with the capital city itself?

Abu Dhabi literally means, Father of Gazelle.  I’m not sure why.  What I do know is that this emirate is one of the largest producers of oil in the world.


It is the third largest emirate in the U.A.E.  We love this place because of its beautiful mosques and peaceful, family-friendly environment.  It is not as commercialized as Dubai or Abu Dhabi.  We also love the fact that alcohol is strictly prohibited here and naturally, you won’t find any night clubs either.  One can safely take their kids out for a walk in the evening’s cool breeze without worrying about having to face almost-naked women and drunk men on the streets.



This is the only emirate in the U.A.E. that is almost totally mountainous, as you can see at the upper right of the picture.  I didn’t particularly chose pictures with mountains simply because we didn’t want to build our home there.

I have learned, however, that foreigners or visitors are not allowed to buy land in Fujairah.   Emirati nationals can purchase land from the government, after proving their nationality.

Madinat Jumeirah:

This place is a magnificent tribute to Dubai’s heritage and is styled to resemble an ancient Arabian citadel. This place includes a mall and several restaurants.

We’d love to build a home here and would ride the boat to get to the main road.

The view of the Burj Al Arab from this place, specially at night, is breathtaking.


Dubai Marina:

This place is has recently become known as the “new Dubai”.  This place, with its entire water ways, is completely man-made, and upon completion will become the world’s largest man-made marina.  So it would just be absolutely cool to own a home here.



The Desert:

Regardless of the too-numerous-to-count buildings and state-of-the-art facilities, the fact still remains that U.A.E. is a desert.

I think we’ll have a home built in the middle of the stunning desert dune, and have an enormous solar panel to power the air conditioning system.  We’ll also be raising several camels because camel milk candies are currently the “in” thing here in the U.A.E.


Ras al-Khaimah:

Ras al-Khaimah literally means, “the tent point,” after a large tent was erected as an aid to navigation by an early chief. This emirate is unusual in the region in that agriculture is extensively practiced.  We’d surely love to have a home in a place where agriculture is practiced.




The Palm Islands:

Of course, if we were to have eight homes in the U.A.E., then one of them must be in the Palm Islands, the world’s largest artificial islands.

There are actually three of these islands:  the Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Deira, and the Palm Jebel Ali.


Who I’m Tagging to Play This Game Next:

This game encourages the player to search for the beautiful places in the country where he or she lives in and gives the readers the opportunity to see and learn about those places.  I’d love to tag the following bloggers  (in no particular order) to play this game:

Sabiha – U.S.A.

Niyaz – K.S.A.

Frozeefa – Singapore

Souvenirs and Scars – Syria

Abid – Canada


photo credit: http://www.trekearth.com

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14 Responses to Our Homes In The UAE

  1. masood says:

    WOW, this is a nice game and for a second I was assuming it to happen in real, but I wish inshaAllah we will build our house in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

  2. nadia says:

    We already have our own sweet home in Hyderabad, Alhumdulillah. I know how hard you’ve worked in order to build this dream home from scratch.

    Besides, as long as you’re with me, any place can be home for us 🙂

  3. Niyaz says:

    Haaaa..Maashallah wonderful selection sis & Bro 🙂

    hey guys gimme sometime for this post 🙂

    ~ Thanks, Niyaz! Don’t worry, there’s absolutely no rush. You can take your time; I know it won’t be easy 😀

  4. ڈفر says:

    nice selection of places 🙂
    madnah jumeirah is most fascinating place for me

    ~ Thanks 🙂 Yes indeed, Madinat Jumeirah is an amazing place.

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  6. Ordinary Girl says:

    Having a home in those man-made palm must be fun….I just keep fearing a tsunami! 😀

    ~ Actually, after that unfortunate tsunami incident, scientists and engineers studied the risks involved first before eventually giving the go signal to have the palm built.

    But still, your fear is valid 🙂

  7. Specs says:

    This is so cool! I like the madinat ones the BEST.
    Ras Al-Khaimah is also AMAZING! Actually, all of them are amazing in their own right.

    So, Nadia, when should I come over to stay? 🙂

    ~ You are welcome to drop by anytime you wish. Just let me know in advance so I can take leave from work 😀

  8. Ab says:

    Thanks for the tag! I will get it done sometime soon-ish.

    ~ Thank you for playing along 🙂

  9. mubi says:

    loved it sis!!
    as i was reading and looking at the pics, i was thinking,, she didnt add the oh so famous palm island..but then it was in the end 😀

    my vote’s for madinat jumeirah!!! zarbardast..
    it saddens me that my childhood was spent there when it was still developing!!
    dubai marina….Arabs just have too much money haina :p

    btw the best thing about ur post is that you have written it so well, the details and all. 🙂

    ~ Thanks, Mubi. I play my tags pretty seriously 😉 I’m glad you included me in this fun game. I really had such a great time!

  10. Sabiha says:

    😆 Haha I’ll have to figure out some good places for the U.S.

    ~ Your post on this tag is simply awesome! I loved all the places that you’ve shown, specially Erie 🙂 Thanks for playing along, sis.

  11. Mary says:

    Oh, Nadia, I wanna live in the Palm Islands! So pretty. I’m so sorry I have been absent for awhile. Lots going on. I’ll send you an email soon! I want to know what’s up with you too.

    ~ Mary, I missed you so much! I’ve been regularly visiting your blog, and I can surely tell that you’ve been very busy, which is good, of course 🙂 I’m so happy for you!

  12. Haleem says:

    I like the Sharjah and the Madinat ones the best.

    ~ Yes, they are beautiful places indeed 🙂

  13. frozeefa says:

    u know what sister…give me more time too.
    i am speechless….
    Masha Allah i cant make up my mind too..
    Maybe i need to do a post on it

  14. nadia says:

    Take your time, Sis Frozeefa 🙂

    Looking forward to see your post!

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