A New World Record For Dubai

Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Center has clinched the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Acrylic Panel, measuring 32.88 meters wide x 8.3 meters high x 750 mm thick, and weighing 245, 614 kg!

The acrylic viewing panel surpasses the current Guinness World Record holder, Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa, Japan.  The new record is expected to be featured in the upcoming edition of the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010.

This is an artist’s impression of how the aquarium is going to look like.

At 750 mm thick, the acrylic viewing panel is built to withstand the enormous pressure of 10 million litres of water used in the aquarium, but transparent enough to give visitors clear views of the 33,000 plus marine animals on display.

The Aquarium’s 180-degree glass walkthrough tunnel makes for incredible close-encounter experiences with some of the most fascinating underwater animals on the planet. A special ‘lunar-cyclic’ lighting system will change the ambience of the tank depending on the time of day.

Dubai Mall, home to this aquarium, will be open to public on November 4.

More on Dubai Mall here.

Source:  Gulf News

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16 Responses to A New World Record For Dubai

  1. masood says:

    “A special ‘lunar-cyclic’ lighting system will change the ambience of the tank depending on the time of day”, It is just WOW.

  2. nadia says:

    Yeah, can’t wait to see it myself!

  3. Haleem says:

    WOAH.. next vacation: Dubai!

    Actually there’s a chance we might go there Dec next year iA. I hear it’s nice this time of the year.

    Dubai sounds like a rich man’s fantasy come true.

    ~ Yes, November to March is the best time to visit Dubai 🙂

  4. mubi says:

    WOW,,, this is something!!!

    p.s i tagged you on my blog

    ~ I checked that tag out on your blog, and it definitely looks like a lot of fun! I’ll be on playing it soon 🙂

    Thanks, Mubi!

  5. Ordinary Girl says:

    Man!! Now I just gotta go to Dubai!! *eyes open WIDE*

    ~ Spend your honeymoon here. The weather is lovely 🙂

  6. misspecs says:

    This is AMAZING! I think I’d like to just wander around and gawk. But hey, I’ll be a tourist. I can stare and ooh and aah and photograph all i want!

    Sounds amazing, it does.

    ~ That’s what we do … take loads of photographs! Of course, the ohh and aah part is equally important 😀

  7. Niyaz says:

    Wow dats really interesting 🙂

    ~ You should write about interesting stuff and places to see in KSA too 🙂

  8. Niyaz says:

    Sis….nothing here except Parks & shopping malls especially in riyadh…i guess may be other cities in KSA hve some nice place…

  9. Amir says:

    wow…that is amazing. I was looking at the pics on Masood’s blog and was blown away by the acquarium pic. I love it, I could watch it all day.

  10. Ordinary Girl says:

    There was a picture of this aquarium in today’s paper here 🙂

  11. wah says:

    what is the name of the mall

    It’s called, The Dubai Mall 🙂

  12. je says:

    am going on thursday!

  13. alex says:

    The best thing to see is(Ilike Dubai

  14. Zac says:

    It doesn’t look like this :/

    Of course, this was just an artist’s impression of the aquarium. The real thing looks like this :).

  15. Pooja and Adishree says:

    Everything was well put and done. It will be a good record to Dubai at Guinness (I think)

  16. roland gados says:

    its amazing i wish i can go there

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