Fruit Pack

I have received some good feedback from my colleagues a few days ago, so I decided to reward myself.  After all, I’ve been working hard.  So I went and bought a fruit pack.  It’s for my face, by the way.

I remember the last time I had a facial done.  I woke up the following day with red patches all over my face.   This time, I have carefully chosen a product that has (or at least claim to have) natural ingredients.  So my newly-purchased fruit pack is a delightful blend of apple, papaya, fig, cucumber, and Fuller’s earth.  Fruit packs are claimed to cool and tone the facial skin, restore natural elasticity, help minimize wrinkles and make the skin glow.


Apply the Fruit Pack evenly all over face and neck, avoiding the area around eyes and mouth. Allow it to dry for 10-20 minutes, remove with wet sponge or towel, and wash the skin with cool water.

What I Actually Did:

I applied the pack all over face and neck, just a thin layer though, since the instruction didn’t really mention how much to apply, and I was afraid I’d develop sensitivity to any ingredient, specifically the Fuller’s earth, and tried to “even” it out as evenly as possible.  It felt dry in 5 minutes, and since I hadn’t decided beforehand which towel to wet and use, I directly washed the pack off with tap water, which was warm.


After spending a considerable amount of time in front of the mirror, checking my face and neck from various angles, I hadn’t really noticed anything dramatic.  But that’s expected.  It was just the first time anyway.

What’s Next:

I plan to apply a much thicker layer next time and keep it on my face for a good 15 minutes before washing it off.

But before that, I will try it on Masood first.

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7 Responses to Fruit Pack

  1. masood says:

    No Ways, am not for experiment, especially for these kind of stuff, once again “NO WAY”

    ~ You’re being ungrateful, sweetheart. Imagine being pampered, while you relax and chill, and have a healthy glowing skin after wards! I guess I have no choice but to wait till you fall fast asleep 😉

  2. ummtravis says:


    i want to do that to my husband! what a great way to share time together lol

    ~ So true, great bonding time. But you can read my husband’s reaction. He’s not a bit interested. Men!

  3. Haleem says:

    Masood should ask for a massage with fantastic herbal oil.. all husbands deserve that!

    ~ He need not ask, Haleem, he gets a full massage whenever I feel that he really needs one 🙂 But Masood just hates oil, so I use lotion instead.

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  5. misspecs says:

    Hehehe, that sounds like a good idea! Men are so unappreciative of free beauty treatments, haina Nadia? 🙂

    Which brand did you buy?

    ~ So true! Besides, it’s not my fault that he doesn’t have any sisters for me to do some girlie bonding. It’s just me and him, and my fruit pack 😀

    I bought Himalaya Fruit Pack, and I haven’t develop any allergic reaction to it – yet 🙂

  6. mubi says:

    hahahaha! loved ur last line
    i can see that evil grin on your face :p

    ~ 😀

  7. Ab says:

    “Imagine being pampered, while you relax and chill, and have a healthy glowing skin after wards!”

    Or red rashes, depending on the outcome lol.

    ~ Hehe, we’ll never know unless he tries it 🙂

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