Bento: A Delicious Art

Bento is the Japanese word for lunchbox.  For the Japanese people, Bento is much more than just packed lunch. For them, this is an art.  Creating pretty boxed lunches is such an essential skill in Japan that it is hard to find any woman that has not mastered it!

Great looking, aren’t they?  In fact, they look so pretty that it would break my heart to eat them.  These Bento boxes are created by Sakurako Kitsa, a stunningly talented Bento food artist.


For the Geese Bento (first row, left), the artist used mushrooms.  Green beans make up the grass.

In the Spa Bento (first row, right), the mask is created using dyed mayo.  The turban and robe are made from cheese and fruit strings.

For the Garden Bento (third row, left), the artist used:  Sky: dyed rice. Garden path: couscous. Butterfly: snap pea and squash. Tulips and daffodils: bell pepper and carrot. Other flowers: dyed egg white. Flower centers: egg yolk, mayo, sugar. Leaves: snow pea pods.

You can find the basic step-by-step instructions on how to design your own Bento here.

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15 Responses to Bento: A Delicious Art

  1. masood says:

    WOW, I never thought the lunch boxes can be so “visually” yummy 🙂

    ~ That’s the purpose behind the Bento art: to make food appealing to both the eyes and taste buds 🙂

  2. ڈفر says:

    what else can be eaten from these except oranges and tomato? 😀

    ~ I had to update this post and include the ingredients so that you know you can also eat the rice and cheese, hehehe 🙂

  3. Ab says:

    I would never want to eat that lol.

    ~ Would you rather have your Bento with chat masala and achar? 😀

  4. Serene says:

    I have a Japanese friend and she is a good cook, I love working with her in the kitchen. Every time she prepares food she is so particular with how it will look. Because with their culture the food should satisfy the eyes first before the stomach, and I just realize that is very true. It attracts people and it will make you more hungry and grave for that food. I love this post, very interesting!

    ~ Thanks, Serene. I also had a Japanese friend. She’s very friendly and lovely. I just loved to be with her. And sure enough, she is also a skilled cook, taking time to make each dish as presentable as she possibly can. Every meal is a formal meal with her 🙂 Although I have to admit that I don’t quite like Japanese food, except perhaps for tempura. They are just too bland for my taste buds 😀

  5. Sumera says:

    Thats fab! 😀 Love how creative this is – just wow

    ~ Yeah, very creative indeed. It’s not easy to come up with what ingredient to use.

  6. Ordinary Girl says:

    Wow!! Just wow!!

    Thinking up a different thing to put in the lunchbox everyday would be hard for me, but thinking up how to put it would be far cry! 😀

    ~ LOL, same here 😉

  7. WOW! Very very creative.
    I’m wondering how the women who have to create such art everyday remain sane. Imagine the pressure to be creative!

    I wouldn’t wanna eat them, though (blue colored rice!).

    ~ Hehe, yeah…I look at the lunch box I prepare, and then I think of this Bento art, and I look back at the lunch box I prepare – and think – well, at least my lunch tastes better 🙂

  8. mubi says:

    wow! thats amazing..seriously i would great number of pics before i dare touch the food..i loved the goose one! lol.

    ~ I’m sure that even for a skilled Bento artist, crafting these masterpieces isn’t easy and requires a lot of time and creativity. So, to just dig in without actually taking loads of photos would be really unfair 🙂

  9. misspecs says:

    This is sp amazing! I LOVE food.. and well presented food, well, like i said in my 70 weird things, ‘good food nicely presented can cure me of anything’ 🙂

    I don’t think blue rice would be my thing, though!

  10. Bismillaah

    Assalaamu Alaikum!

    Maasha Allaah! That’s soo cool! Who would have thought!? I wander if those wonderful looking lunchboxes taste good? I love Japanese food..or rather I should say I love Sushi without the raw fish of course 😉

    Hmmm I want to try that with my food, lol.

    Sincerely & Gratefully
    Halmah bint David

  11. Haleem says:

    I could never bring myself to eat that!

    That lobster looks yum though…

  12. nadia says:

    That lobster is made of tomatoes and red bell pepper 🙂

  13. Ordinary Girl says:

    I showed your post to my Mom today. She did that buzz-off gesture and said, “waylian daa kam!” 😀 And there goes the Bento art down the drain in our household! 😀

    ~ LOL 😀

  14. Amir says:

    I’m with Haleem on this…this is food you take pictures of, not eat, haha.

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