Guilty Pleasures

That got me thinking:  what is a guilty pleasure?  I googled around, just to make sure I actually understood what guilty pleasure exactly meant, and here’s what I found:

Guilty pleasure is something that you enjoy that you think you shouldn’t enjoy, either for personal reasons or because of the possibility of other’s reactions ~ dan4th

I never thought anyone would care what my guilty pleasures were, until the wonderful Mubi and my brother Aadil, tagged me into playing this game.  I thought, “Yeah, sure.  This would just be another post-to-be-done-during-the-lunch-break.”  But when I actually started typing on a blank page, I got all mental blank!  What are my guilty pleasures anyway?  It can’t be just anything that I find pleasurable.  It has to be something I enjoy that I know I shouldn’t be enjoying. Now that’s tough!

Oh well, here are my 7 guilty pleasures (although I doubt if I ever felt guilty about any one of them, ever!):

Dark Chocolates

The darker, the bitter, the better!  I go around telling everyone that I am on a diet, and would poilitely refuse desserts.  But I always have a bar of dark chocolate on my bedside table and in my handbag.

New School Supplies

I love to smell new books, pencils, and rubber erasers!  I can’t just read a new book without shuffling its leaves and smelling them first.


I love non-violent animated movies with all it’s lovable and cuddly characters.  They are so fun to watch and there’s always a moral lesson in them.  My favorites would be Ice Age, Kung Fu Panda, Lion King, and Mulan.  I can just watch them over and over again, even if that means that the rest of the family will have to miss their news on TV.  When I am in a much nicer mood, however, I will just take the DVD into my room and spare the rest from agony.

Drawing Moustache

Let’s say, I’m reading a newspaper and there’s a pen within reach, then you engage me in a conversation, I will start drawing moustache on the photos.  Whether it’s a photo of an actor, a politician, or just anybody, he (or even she) will have instant black/blue/red/green moustache.  But I make sure that the newspaper belongs to me!

Creams, Lotions and Bubble Baths

I love to spend a lot of time in this particular section at the supermarket.  I would hold bottles, feel them in my hand, and breathe in their fragrance.  I get all excited when I buy a new product.  When I get home, I immediately open the bottle up and “test” it.

Tekken Series

I was absolutely hooked to this PlayStation game.  It all started during my college days, when I would spend the holidays over at my relatives, and play this violent fighting game with my cousins.  I love the thrill and excitement of beating them (virtually) black and blue.

Amusement Parks

If there’s one in the city, you can be sure I’ve been there.  And there’s only one particular ride that I am crazy about:  the roller coaster!  To my disappointment, however, Dubai only has kiddie roller coasters for the time being (which I have tried, because there’s other choice).  But once the Dubai Wonderland (or Wonderpark, whatever) is completed, we will have the world’s most biggest roller coaster!

You’re next!

Okay, so almost everyone has already been tagged this season, at least those who are in my friends’ list are.  For a change, let me tag my non-blogging readers.  I’m not sure if this is allowed in the Rules of Tagging, but hey, this is my blog, and I can do whatever I want!

I’m so excited to tag Serene and Beyond.  Surprise!!!

Girls, just email me your 7 Guilty Pleasures and I’ll paste them up here.  Looking (excitedly) forward to hear from you soon!

Oh, and I’d love to tag my husband, Masood, into confessing his 7 guilty pleasures as well.


Serene e-mailed me her 7 guilty pleasures, and boy, could I related to them all!  I had so much fun reading them, and wished I could post them here.  However, Serene prefers not to have these published, and I respect that.  Serene, I know how terribly busy you always are, so I truly appreciate it that you took time to share your guilty pleasures with me.  Thank you so much!

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19 Responses to Guilty Pleasures

  1. masood says:

    Ohhh, that’s the reason why you take so much time at the supermarket, roaming around in the cosmetic section….hmmm

    ~ That’s because I get bored in the queue, while waiting for our turn to pay. That’s the only time I get to roam around the cream and cosmetics section anyway. You should join me someday, it’s loads of fun! 🙂

  2. souvenirsandscars says:

    There was a game of tag going around a while back, to write seven weird things about myself. #2 on your list was so on mines!! I love that ‘new book smell,’ and before I read any book I have to fan the pages so that new book air hits my face. Buying school supplies was always soooo much fun!!

    Yeah… I’m a geek 😉


  3. nadia says:

    Hi S&S,

    Welcome to my blog!

    I knew I wasn’t alone in this particular guilty pleasure 😉

  4. Specs says:

    New school supplies and creams & Lotions, oooooh, i don’t even wanna think about them; i’ll HAVE to go to the market then!

    ~ If we were in the same city, I would’ve come along!

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  6. saadil says:

    They are real pleasures; the things you’ve mentioned! 🙂
    Ice Age .. I just love it! 🙂
    Drawing moustaches … very hilarious! .. ought to be the guilty one 😀
    New School Supplies … same here 🙂

    I’ve tagged you as well but won’t bother you coz you’ve already mentioned so many of em ..

    ~ Thanks for the tag, Aadil. Truly appreciate it! Consider this post as the reply to the tag 🙂

  7. Serene says:

    OMG, so this is the surprise then… I’ll try to recollect my guilty pleasure. Have to think hard. Thanks for the tag! 🙂

    ~ Thank you for wanting to play along! 🙂

  8. mubi says:

    LOL, high for sniffing books :p and roller coaster rides!!! i remember taking Al ain wali roller coaster when i must have been around 11 and it was smth for me then, my hair band went loose and dropped :p but ya other roller coaster rides are al kiddies

    LOL,,,,drawing mustache!! my brother does that a lot !! he never reads the paper but ruins it

    animated movies anytime..but i can imagine you making everyone watch it :p

    loved going thru ur tag 😀

    ~ Oh, I’ve never tried the Al Ain waali roller coaster! But then, woh itni dour hai 😦 I don’t think Masood would agree; he isn’t a fan of roller coasters. Regarding newspapers, I read them first 😉

    Yeah, I want everyone to “enjoy” watching the cartoons with me. They do sit around during the first 20 minutes or so, then I’m the only left 😀

  9. vireo says:

    Such cute guilty pleasures… ^_^

    LOL @ Drawing Moustache. I too do this but I never, never, never feel guilty. A go a step beyond… I draw insects crawling or snakes coming out of noses and ears … =D

    ~ Haha, I never got to drawing those 😀

  10. Niyaz says:

    hey sis !! u hve revealed really nice things as ur guilty pleasures 🙂
    Tekken series , remembering ma college days i used to play Wrestling in playstation wid ma bro…Koool memories …

    Also i do smell new Notebooks…Thanks for the marvelous post 🙂

  11. Haleem says:

    My one and only guilty pleasure is Crispy Chicken sandwich from Burger King!

  12. masood says:

    I dunno how many “Guilty Pleasures” I can describe, but you can take some of these into account:

    1. Lemon: I want to have lemon pickle even with biryani, and my so called guilty pleasure is that I will not leave even the lemon skin!

    2. I had the habit of imitating my teachers in my school times, and the worst part is that the teacher caught me while I was imitating him, and then rest is the history;)

    3. I love smelling new cricket balls.

    4. Drawing mustaches and beard on celebrities pictures to make them look like dacoits was my favourite play in childhood.

    5. I am very much fond of playstation games now a days, sometimes even my brother doesn’t get the chance to have his turn 😀

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  14. The Ruler says:

    New School Supplies: Yes
    Cartoons: Yes
    Dark chocolates: I hate them. I hate the after taste.

    Drawing moustache: I prefer ticking and crossing the paper as tough I’m a teacher marking a student’s work. 😀

    Tekken series and amusement parks: Thumbs up

    Though i can’t go anywhere without putting cream on my face and feet, i’m not particularly excited as you seem to be when i get new stuff lol. 🙂

  15. Ordinary Girl says:

    Amazing list. Can relate to ALL of them other than dark chocolates (I like milk chocholate) and drawing moustaches! LOL!!

  16. saadil says:

    @ masood .. smelling cricket balls .. I too was very fond of smelling the new ones but the smell would turn nasty after some time when players would polish it with their saliva .. 😀

  17. quotes says:

    I love Dark Chocolate as well.

  18. Laila says:

    I loved reading your guilty pleasures! It’s fun to think about it :).

  19. nadia says:

    Laila, it’s been quite sometime! I’ve missed you 🙂

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