An Update: Where My Readers Are Coming From

That, ladies and gentlemen, is where you are coming from to view my humble blog.  I am amazed, really.  I have never thought even in my wildest dreams that I can have a visitor from far far away, like Iceland, for instance.


I have to thank Ordinary Girl, for sparking my interest in this map.  You may check out her share of readers here.  While she waves at a reader along the Hudson Bay area, I wave at my readers from Hawaii (green arrow), Iceland (yellow arrow), Mauritius (pink arrow), and Maldives (white arrow, which of course I can’t show in white).  Well, except for Iceland, these islands appear so small in this map, that one reader (represented by a red dot) occupies the entire land!

Where You’re All Coming In From:

Majority of you are stopping by from the U.A.E., Pakistan, and India *waves at readers*

A number of you are visiting all the way from the U.K., U.S.A., Canada, and Norway *waves at readers*

I am pleasantly surprised to get readers from Chile, The Bahamas, Argentina, and Uruguay!  *waves some more* I wonder whether the desi culture appealed to them.

Oh, and some of you came all the way from Kazakhistan, Russia, Tunisia, Morocco, all over Europe, Asia, Africa (South Africa, Sudan, Ethiopia) and all the way down to Australia and New Zealand!  *waves at them all*

Big Dots:

I have a group of wonderful friends who take time out and visit me on a regular basis, and share their valuable comments.  You know who you are (hint: you are represented by the bigger dot on the map).  I am immensely grateful for the support and encouragement.

Small Dots:

And to my “quiet” readers, who do drop by but say nothing, thank you so much for stopping by.  You know who you are (hint: you are represented by the smaller dot on the map).  At least I know that you came and spent some of your valuable time reading my posts.  If you want to be the bigger dot, please keep visiting!

Final Words:

To all of you, a big THANK YOU!  *gives one last (huge) wave to everyone*

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16 Responses to An Update: Where My Readers Are Coming From

  1. masood says:

    WOW! I never thought that the dots may have a such a deep meaning…*waves at all the dots* 🙂

    Your posts represent your beautiful way of thinking and imagination, and that’s the reason behind those lot of “dots”.

    Keep doing great work or great dotting 🙂

    ~ LOL. Thanks, Sweetheart!

  2. Niyaz says:

    Amazing & happy to hear frm u sis!!
    Keep rocking 🙂

    ~ Thank you, my ever-supportive brother 🙂

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  4. serendipitouslife says:

    Ah! the wonders of technology. Who would’ve thought such a possibility a decade ago.

    ~ Yes, Indeed. Internet has definitely eliminated the geographical barriers. It’s wonderful to be able to reach out to so many people.

  5. Ab says:

    *waves back*

    You’re welcome!

  6. beyond says:

    wave back:)

  7. misspecs says:

    Yeah, i think instead of all of us waving back at you individually, we’re just going to do the crowd wave that looks like the ‘sea’ wave. 😀


    🙂 Keep typing up great posts. The pleasure is dottingly ours!

  8. nadia says:

    Love the “sea” wave!

  9. Jus says:

    Singapore has quite a big dot there!

  10. nadia says:

    Jus, if I had this map installed here right from the start, you would’ve been the first dot 🙂

    Thank you for regularly stopping by!

  11. Serene says:

    Wow! Congratulation! This is amazing!

  12. nadia says:

    Thanks, Serene! You are always welcome to drop by anytime 🙂

  13. Wakas Mir says:

    Waving back to ya sis .. inshAllah one day you will have dots from all over the world. Oh that sounded wierd.. I mean visitors from all over the world cuz u do write very nice 🙂

  14. nadia says:

    Thanks, Wakas Bhai! Your compliment means a lot 🙂

  15. Ordinary Girl says:

    Lahore has a BIG dot which would be me!! 😀 *waves*

    You have visitors from ALL around the world that it tempts me to enable the searchable thru search engines option! :

  16. nadia says:

    Of course, the Lahore dot is YOU 😀

    Go ahead, enable it, and watch the dots grow!

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