Did You Leave Your Car At Home Today?

Why? Because today happens to be the World Car-Free Day.

Masood and I are provided with pick and drop service for work, and given the distance from our home to the office, walking is not an option. We don’t own a bicycle, and even if we did, we can’t pedal all the way to Dubai Internet City when the temperature outside is 40 C (our muscles won’t make it even if it’s 10 C anyway). The public bus isn’t an option either. We have to be at the office at 10 am, not 10 pm.

Perhaps everyone else here in the U.A.E. shared similar thoughts. Today, traffic was specially worse.

Also, I didn’t know it was World Car-Free Day today. At least not until now, when I’ve returned home and finally had time to check the papers.

According to the World Carfree Network:

“Every September 22, people from around the world get together in the streets, intersections, and neighbourhood blocks to remind the world that we don’t have to accept our car-dominated society.

But we do not want just one day of celebration and then a return to “normal” life. When people get out of their cars, they should stay out of their cars. It is up to us, it is up to our cities, and our governments to help create permanent change to benefit pedestrians, cyclists, and other people who do not drive cars.

Let World Carfree Day be a showcase for just how our cities might look like, feel like, and sound like without cars…365 days a year.

As the climate heats up, World Carfree Day is the perfect time to take the heat off the planet, and put it on city planners and politicians to give priority to cycling, walking and public transport, instead of to the automobile.”

It’s a good cause, I shall say.

But, did you know about it?

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9 Responses to Did You Leave Your Car At Home Today?

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  2. masood says:

    World Car-Free Day…huh, we should have endorsed today as “World Car-Full Day” as the traffic was too much! I guess people have thought that there will be less car on the roads today and brought their cars out.

    I also suggest there should be a proper awareness for this kind of event through media so that people will follow it as many of us don’t even know/remember that today is World car- Free day:(

    ~ Yeah, the traffic was indeed bad today, even at roads and bridges with Toll charges. And yes, a lot of people are unaware about this Car Free Day thing. It should be properly advertised. I’m sure a lot of people are concerned with the environment and wouldn’t mind walking short distances today.

  3. ڈفر says:

    yes i permanently keep all of my cars in showcase.
    and just one in garrage.
    thank God i came to PK, even then DIC to DIC is not a big deal

    ~ Hehe, smart guy. Why even keep that one car in the garage? 😀

    DIC to DIC? As far as we are concerned, our home is an hour of drive away from DIC (that too at the speed of 80-100). No other option but to take the car.

  4. Niyaz says:

    Wow gud piece of information u hve given here , absolutely accept wat u said ..

    ~ And I assume you weren’t aware of this either, just like myself, hehe 😀

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  6. Ab says:

    Do you live in Dubai city or surroundings? What time must you leave home to get to DIC by 10am?

    “But, did you know about it?”
    And here in Toronto, the papers start advertising about stuff like this weeks in advance, so almost everyone knew it was coming up. I walk to university anyway so it didn’t affect me at all 🙂

    ~ We live along the Dubai-Sharjah border, where the apartments are bigger and rent is cheaper. We leave home at 9am.

    It’s good that you guys were aware of this event. Here, hardly anyone knew.

  7. Haleem says:

    Nah, not an option here, even with a transit system thats pretty good. I just wish for the day when we have personal jetpacks.

    ~ I guess leaving our cars home isn’t really an option for a lot of us, given the distance that we have to travel each day. Jet-packs would specially be fantastic if they are made environment-friendly. Let’s hope and dream. Who knows? 🙂

  8. UmmAbdullah says:

    I had no idea! Thanks for letting us know!

    ~ 🙂

  9. Serene says:

    If we can do it everyday maybe there will be less pollution also and no more traffic 🙂 , but sad to say that many of us (including me) can’t live without a car 😦

    ~ With everyone rushing all the time, we can’t go back to horse-drawn carriages anymore, otherwise that was a good option 😀

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