I’ve Got New Messages

I opened a Friendster account five years ago, when I was still in college, mainly to keep in touch with my classmates and friends. Gone were the days when I would hand-write a letter, using a beautiful stationery I used to buy and collect, and drop it off at the post office located within the campus. These days, Friendster and Facebook keep me updated regarding everyone I know.

For some reason, my Friendster account wasn’t set to private. I had always assumed nobody would be interested in my profile and never really paid any attention to the “Who’s Viewed Me?” option. Sometime last year however, I checked who actually viewed me, and saw that most of them were strangers. These “viewers” never really left messages; they just peeked in and left. I thought, “Who are they to read my profile?” It’s like somebody is looking into your home to see what’s there, and then leave. Since then, I’ve set my Friendster to private: only my profile photo, first name, location, and marital status are displayed.

To my surprise, that increased the number of strangers looking into my Friendster account. Since they can no longer view my page and profile details, they started sending “Friend Requests”. Of course, I don’t accept requests, until unless I personally know that person. And then, messages started to pour in. Lately, most of them are from Indian or Pakistani men. If I’m not blogging or chatting, sometimes I read these messages. That’s when I realized how funny these messages actually are. Here are three of the several messages from strangers that I have received recently:

Subject: Boring Here

Message: I am Majid. I am interested to contact you. If you feel free, then you can reply.

Subject: Interested

Message: I sent you friend request, accept it. I am architect here in Abu Dhabi, I know you are also located in Dubai, so you can accept my request. If you don’t mind, can you be friendship with me?

Subject: Your Friend

Message: I am refreshed to see a girl with hijab here in Friendster. This is mostly Filipinos here. You are good, MashaAllah. Are you from Pakistan? I am also in Pakistan and my name is Ali. I work in a job here and you can feel free to call me at (provides two phone numbers, a cellphone and a landline) during office hours. Thank you.

A note to guys like these: do something productive and meaningful in life, and do read your messages over and over again before posting them anywhere, making sure that they make sense.

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11 Responses to I’ve Got New Messages

  1. masood says:

    Hmmm…..It shows how sick and weird people around the world are. I hate the guys who waste time in such activities.

    ~ They have nothing better to do 😀

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  3. misspecs says:

    WoW, i mean, seriously are people REALLY this stupid? Wow, i mean, while i feel bad for you, I’m thinking, this man gets to be someone’s future husband and will expect his wife to be into none of this ‘fraandhup’ stuff. Sad.

    ~ My thoughts exactly. I’m sure guys like these won’t even allow their wives to have internet access, let alone own a Friendster/Facebook account.

  4. Haleem says:

    Hah, you got a very understanding husband… I would have not had a positive reaction!

    I have facebook and had my fare share of wierdos trying to be “my friend”.

    Get a life, I say.

    ~ Yes, Alhumdulillah, Masood is very understanding, that’s also because we do not keep secrets from each other. He is aware of these “ignore-then-delete” messages. I guess weirdos like these have some inferiority complex which leads to zero social life, and hence the need to search for online friends.

  5. Umm Yusuf says:

    disgustingly similar instances happened to me on facebook. all they could see was my name, location and that i was married, yet ALL the friend requests and messages came from men! there were a few brothers who found me through a niqaabi group and said ‘mashaAllah i’m really looking for a niqaabi wife, please accept me so we can get to know one another for marriage’ when i laughed at this message and told some friends, they all said they’d gotten it too, from the same person! sickos! if they were seeking marriage do they really think thats the right way? unfortunately they do get through to some of the younger sisters out there =( may Allah protect us all ameen

    ~ Same person?! Now, that’s one guy with an abundance of free time to waste 😉

    And yes, our younger sisters could certainly be vulnerable to such sick men, and that’s definitely sad.

    Ameen to your du’a.

  6. Wakas Mir says:

    The funny thing is that these people have a template they keep posting. Since working on a big friendship network a while back that was one thing we got complaints about. But once again very good policy.. ignore n delete.. 🙂

    ~ A template?! How convenient 😀

  7. Yazi says:

    Just like anything else, social networking sites comes with some drawbacks like these.. I am regular at facebook n i love the site. it helps me keep in touch with people i haven’t seen for years now..

    Every now and than I will run into someone weird… as in cricket they say when you are on pitch there will me no balls, bouncers, gogglies…. i guess people like these sending msgs are part of all this and they are just going to have to be ignored..

    wishing u better day than good! 🙂

    ~ Thanks for stopping by, Yazi. So even guys get their share of these weirdos 🙂

    Have a great day too!

  8. BholiBhali says:

    Wow this is what i call No Life 😛 such ppl really need to put their foot down and tell themselves to get a life, honestly….

    Nadia sis thanx for sharing this one here, coz you never know their might be some “wierdos” around who’s “Insaniyat” are still little bit alive and can save their lives :)))

    Be blessed!

    ~ LOL, that would definitely be great: those with little much “insaniyat” left in them will realize the time they’re wasting and start getting a life 🙂

  9. Ordinary girl says:

    Ewww!! I hate these ‘do you friendship with me’ people? I have disabled sending friends request for my Facebook account, profile set to private on Orkut and I have long since stopping chatting on MSN. It’s annoying-fraandshipper-less that way! 😀

    ~ True; these “do you wanna friendship” with me messages are just irritating!

  10. frozeefa says:

    how desparate can u get?
    Lol i am not a guy …but can i have ur addy?
    Wanna add u up ..i have one too..private of cos

    ~ Facebook or Friendster?

  11. Amir says:

    I’m on facebook, and thankfully not addicted 😛 There are some wierdos out there, but thankfully I stay well below radar to avoid these type of spammy requests 🙂

    ~ I visit my Facebook like twice a week and 95% of people in my list are relatives, still I get annoying friendship requests 😦

    Good for you, you’re spam free! 😀

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