Jebel Hafeet

Almost thirty kilometers south of Al Ain, sharing the borders of Oman, the Jebel Hafeet mountain rises 4000 feet from the desert floor, making it the highest tourist spot of the United Arab

People usually drive here with their families, and spend over night, camping.

Others stay during the day only;  the men/women grilling meat/fish and children playing in the springs.

The winding road leading up to Jebel Hafeet has been described as the “greatest driving road in the world”.

A hotel on top of the mountain.

A massive car park once you reach the summit.  The red roof is a restaurant – pretty pathetic actually.  We couldn’t find anything decent.  I wish there were more food outlets.

The highest point of Jebel Hafeet

On our way back to Dubai.  That tower is a rest room 🙂

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