Cabbies Can’t Say No

The taxi drivers in Dubai who refuse to pick up passengers waiting to go to certain locations would be punished with fine, retraining or even termination of service.

Al Dossari (CEO of the Public Transport Agency of the Roads and Transport Authority) said the drivers are not supposed to refuse, under any circumstances, to take passengers once they have stopped. “We would issue a warning and impose a fine of Dh300 on the driver who refuses to take a passenger for the first time. If he repeats the offence he would be sent for retraining. Lastly, he would lose his job if he repeated the mistake the third time. “It is the duty of the driver to take passengers to the locations they want to go to once he stops the taxi. There can’t be any excuses,” he said.


I understand that traffic is getting worse each day, and that the cab drivers are unable to make their daily quota by being stuck in traffic, but how else will we travel? In Dubai, we can somehow catch a bus. What about in Sharjah and Ajman?

I have been asked to alight from a taxi several times, after the driver decides that he doesn’t want to take me to a particular destination, mainly due to traffic.

And if he happens to engage the meter already and has no other choice but to take me to my destination, the driver will make sure that I know how angry, frustrated, and irritated he is. He will constantly make me realize that I am wasting his precious time.

Of course, not ALL drivers are like that. But MOST of them are. So I hope these “fines” will enable passengers like myself to get a better customer service from the taxi drivers.

Source:  Gulf News


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4 Responses to Cabbies Can’t Say No

  1. Jus says:

    Asking you to ALIGHT halfway thru?? But that’s totally unheard of! *shake head*

    I can understand if some dont stop for passengers. Several reasons like maybe the prospective passengers look armed and dangerous, drunk and pukey or whatever…

    But bcos of undesired destination due to traffic jams???

  2. Yup, happens here MOST of the time now 😦

  3. Arshad Hussain says:

    The statement by the CEO Mr. Dossari seems to be a paper tiger. First of all he has not given any instructions how could a commuter gives a complaint. Just a word of mouth is not sufficient. Now a days everybody has a camera mobile. Mr. Dosari should accept the evidence of the pictures taken by public that the driver indeed refued.

    When I told a driver he can’t refuse to take passengers, and I can complain, he actually offered his mobile and said ‘well go ahead, I can challenge nothing happens to me, nor anybody can really listen to you’. He was right. I could not get through the hotline. What is next? the driver is safe. I have no evidence that he refused to me. Even if I give the car resgistration number, he can easily deny that he wasn’t there at all.

    So how to convert the paper tiger to a real one? big question for Mr. Dossari.

  4. nadia says:

    Thank you for your comment, Mr. Hussain. By the way, that is the exact reaction of my husband. He said the drivers wouldn’t care enough for this news.

    On the other hand, I like to be a bit optimistic regarding this, and hope that this new rule will somehow bring even a “small” change in the attitude of the drivers.

    Have a good day!

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